Jennifer Lopez "Hold It, Don’t Drop It"

After focusing on her heritage with the flaccid Latin balladry of Coma Ama una Mujer, Jennifer Lopez returns to her wannabe-R&B vamp role on the disco-thumping “Hold It Don’t Drop It”, a cinematic club joint in which she’s once again pushing her paper-thin voice into a range she doesn’t have. Remember back on “Get Right”, […]

Kelly Clarkson "Fading"

A bonus addition to the Japanese release of My December, “Fading” finds the increasingly enraged singer continuing to let out her inner-Amy Lee, but with results that lack the momentous dynamics of that album’s richer moments. Once again casting her amongst the victimized with heavy-handed gothic dialogue depicting the stifling horrors that now surround her […]

Will.I.Am "I Got It From My Mama (Genetics)"

On this lead single from his third solo album, principal Black Eyed Pea Will.I.Am does away with his more impressive sub-ground, solo eclecticism and embraces his more annoying commercial-leaning side. “I Got It From My Mama (Genetics)” rides the simplistic multiple-hook-favoring formula that has made him a polarizing pop staple, but where “My Humps” and […]

James Blunt "1973"

Even if you were taken by it’s precious sincerity and rainy day grandeur initially, “You’re Beautiful” was one of those songs that got very grating very quickly. By the millionth time it graced your eardrum, you were hoping he would really drown in that symbolic video of his and never be heard from again. After […]

Rooney "I Should’ve Been After You"

Leaping bounds away from the spirited ’80’s thump of “When Did Your Heart Go Missing”, a number one record in everything but reality, Calling The World album track “I Should’ve Been After You” evokes a decade prior with it’s dizzying Queen-inspired layers and bombastic arena rock power. Screaming guitars and pounding drums coinciding with a […]

Jojo "Beautiful Girls (Sean Kingston Cover)"

Taking on this summer’s inescapable hit, Jojo twists up the perspective transforming into a Black Widow of sorts that’ll leave her various beaus feeling all “su-i-cii-dal”. Her voice double-tracked into a flawless streamlined croon, Jojo, tired of always playing the victim (“Leave (Get Out)”, “A Little Too Late”), decides to beat the boys at their […]

Common featuring Lily Allen "Driving Me Wild"

Common and Kanye invite Lily Allen into their musical circle on this hotly anticipated collaboration from Common’s new Finding Forever. Both Allen and Kanye have a liking for unearthing cool samples and reviving them in interesting ways, so “Drivin’ Me Wild” was expected to be a mind-blowing clashing of the genres. Instead, what should of […]