R. Kelly featuring T-Pain "Same Girl (Remix)"

“Same Girl” was one of the few R. Kelly tunes that didn’t seem like it needed a remix (it already had a big feature and it’s subject matter seemed to have pushed its’ lengths), but Kells isn’t one to let any opportunity to revise his own work go by, so he grabs T-Pain to put his own vocoder stamp on the track and extend the infidelity plot even further.

Taking this story to even more preposterous heights (an unlimited ambition it seems when it comes to the ‘R’), it turns out the same girl that was two-timing with Ush and R. Kelly is actually T-Pain’s partner in matrimony, completely justifying why she was cheating in the first place. I mean, T spends so much time flirting with bartenders and strippers where would he find the time to cater to the needs to his wife at home?

Putting his robot croon on “stunned” mode, a somber T-Pain butts into Robert and Usher’s conversation with his own inquiries (“Do she have a crib by the waffle house/ Do she show you that thing she be doin’ with her mouth?”), like his girl is the only oral freak in the world that is neighbors with the IHOP, before blasting his peers for not even considering what the ring on her finger could’ve meant. Kelly doesn’t help the situation, divulging the bedroom play names they had for eachother (“She called me big ole head/ And I called her bobblehead”) as if T wasn’t hurt enough.

Then things really get weird (relatively speaking) when the beat shifts into some snappish lullaby and R. Kelly randomly busts out the hook to “Buy U A Drank” with a quite impressive Michael Jackson impression in all it’s clenched mouth glory.

Can’t wait to hear what homegirl was doing with Akon on the re-remix. Don’t front, you know it’s coming…

Download: “Same Girl (Remix)” (YFH)

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