Jay Z "Blue Magic"

The rap world instantly grew anxious with anticipation last week when Jay Z made the sudden announcement of a new concept album inspired by the upcoming Denzel Washington flick American Gangster, and within days unleashed a taste of the project with the Pharrell-produced “Blue Magic”. Could the man who made the hip hop senior citizen […]

Black Lips "Bad Kids"

For a raucous band that have embedded, amongst other things, urination, barfing and nudity within their stage show, it’s clear that the Atlanta four-piece Black Keys have no qualms about embracing the filth-rock aesthetic. But more often than not, bands that rely on such attention-grabbing stunts are only doing so to cover up for their […]

The-Dream "Falsetto"

How amusing is it that The-Dream’s simple “ooohs”, “eys” and “ellas” carry much more satisfaction than three-quarters of the needless, vocal theatrics of his male and female R&B peers? He doesn’t even sound like a real live person at times, yet I’ll take his charming ticks over a wavery ad-lib any day. On this solid […]