Foo Fighters "Summer’s End"

The fact that Foo Fighters tend to work within the same modern rock framework on each set hasn’t been lost on anyone and it’s hard to complain since most of their output is well-polished and likable, even when it leans a bit into being pedestrian. Many fans balked when they began taking a liking towards […]

Will.i.Am "One More Chance"/ "Heartbreaker"

Songs About Girls’ horrid first single only re-affirmed what’s so frustrating about Will.i.Am. Why would one man with such eclectic musical tastes be so persistent on releasing watered down dance-pop songs about asses? Thankfully, Girls manages to be about so much more, especially when Will cuts the juvenile fascination with “donques” and “lady lumps” and […]

Mary J Blige "Just Fine"

After venturing too far into the adult R&B lane with 1999’s mature Mary, she proved she was no old fogey with the Dre-helmed club banger “Family Affair”. But then came her tepid post-No More Drama reunion with P Diddy (2003’s Love & Life) and she just as quickly lost her momentum as the once potent […]

Jay Z "Blue Magic"

The rap world instantly grew anxious with anticipation last week when Jay Z made the sudden announcement of a new concept album inspired by the upcoming Denzel Washington flick American Gangster, and within days unleashed a taste of the project with the Pharrell-produced “Blue Magic”. Could the man who made the hip hop senior citizen […]

Black Lips "Bad Kids"

For a raucous band that have embedded, amongst other things, urination, barfing and nudity within their stage show, it’s clear that the Atlanta four-piece Black Keys have no qualms about embracing the filth-rock aesthetic. But more often than not, bands that rely on such attention-grabbing stunts are only doing so to cover up for their […]

The-Dream "Falsetto"

How amusing is it that The-Dream’s simple “ooohs”, “eys” and “ellas” carry much more satisfaction than three-quarters of the needless, vocal theatrics of his male and female R&B peers? He doesn’t even sound like a real live person at times, yet I’ll take his charming ticks over a wavery ad-lib any day. On this solid […]