Colin Munroe "I Want Those Flashing Lights (Kanye West Cover)"

…And a star is born

Just as the official remix to Kanye’s “Flashing Lights” featuring R. Kelly has begun making it’s blog rounds (alongside noted bootleg revamps from Raheem DeVaughn, Wale and Black Buddafly), a new cat out of Canada threatens to steal the Louis Vuitton Don’s thunder with his own melodic pop re-working of the single.

Tagged a “one man pop band”, 26-year-old Colin Munroe not only writes and produces his own material, he also plays all the instruments for it as well (reportedly, he plays multiple instruments simultaneously during his live stage show). Already credited on recordings from urban Canadian acts like Glenn Lewis and Saukrates, he’s now set to drop his own self-created solo album, Don’t Think Less of Me, featuring label support from US hitmaker Dallas Austin (TLC, Madonna, Monica). Look for his buzz to increase a thousand-fold, thanks to his impressive Kanye rip-off “I Want Those Flashing Lights”.

Where others basically laid new vocal over the stunning instrumental, Munroe opts for a more original path, splicing together samples of the record then thickening it out with added musical elements; from there he laces it with masterfully-penned meta-styled lyrics. Singing from the perspective of a struggling artist who is jealous over the more successful ones he yearns to share the spotlight with, Munroe mocks his own pitiful (non-)existence (“You got your name in lights and they can’t seem to spell my name right”), but rather than give up, finds continued strength in his unwavering ambition to make his dreams come true (“If I could get paid/ I’d survive another day/ Maybe if I could get played/ They’d know my name”).

Throwing in witty moans about his lack of groupies (“I only wanted one but I’m no one so I get nothing”) and restyling the hook to correspond with his own goals (“When I’m alone and the lights go off/ I’m never sure if I can make it that far/ All that I know/ I want those flashing lights”), Munroe’s intriguing balance of the self-deprecating and inspiring adds an intoxicating layer of insight that makes the burgeoning hit original suddenly seem insignificant in comparison (Sorry, Kanye!).

Hopefully, instead of throwing a temper tantrum over someone else greatly improving his own song, Mr. West will jump on the track himself and make it an even bigger event.

DL: “I Want Those Flashing Lights (Kanye West Cover)” (YFH)

Look for Don’t Think Less of Me to drop in March; check out Colin’s MySpace to hear some of his other music.

(Shout out to You Heard That New…? for the discovery!! Head there to pick up the highly-in-demand R. Kelly remix!!)

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  1. I honestly love the beat to “Flashing Lights” but the song was not really as hot as it should have been… (sorry Kanye) it was just lacking… Colin definitely crafted a song that was worthy of some actual “Flashing Lights”

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