Estelle "American Boy (Live Lounge)"/ "He’s So Lovely (Scouting For Girls Cover)"

Hearing Estelle in a live context makes her vocal limitations painfully obvious (she sounds like a shorter-ranged Mary J Blige, long before the “Be Without You” voice coaching makeover), but the eased jazzy-R&B groove and heavenly harmonies supplied by the accompanying band and back-up singers (and some good ad-lib riffs) make this “Live Lounge” rendition of “American Boy” a splendid one to hear.

DL: “American Boy (Live Lounge)” (YFH) (Sorry, LQ)

Extending the adorable “giddy in love” aesthetic of “American Boy” to her cover choice, Estelle does a fine job on a giggly, gender-flipping remake of Scouting For Girls’ bouncy “She’s So Lovely”, her pipes feeling less strained under the simple, staccato verses (Though, to be honest, not even the worst singer in the world could really mess up that tune).

DL: “He’s So Lovely (Scouting For Girls Cover)” (YFH)

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