Man Like Me “Single Dad”

Nearly bursting out of it’s seams with a kitchen-sink-like musical make-up that dabbles in DIY electro-pop, Streets-y UK rap and bits of 2-Tone, “Single Dad” from London trio Man Like Me, almost feels too rambunctious for it’s own good, but in the end it emerges a keeper, it’s ever-morphing bag o’ sonic tricks held together […]

Solange “Viva La Vida (Coldplay Cover)”

Mixtape Maestro isn’t ashamed to admit to being a proud sipper of the Solange Kool-Aid. Not only did she pull out one of ’08’s finest R&B releases, but with ONE single managed to singlehandedly best nearly the entire underwhelming (and under-selling) multi-solo album output of all of Destiny’s other children, not to mention previously multi-platinum […]

Lily Allen “22”

On “22”, Lily pierces another cotton candy foundation of cutesy pop with the dark pangs of reality, telling the tale of a woman who, after spending her party-loving twenty-somethings living life without a care in the world, is suddenly slapped across the face with the emptiness of her existence as she edges into age 30. […]

Napoleon “I Love My Baby (but if anyone touches her I’ll kill them)

From it’s opening moments, “I Love My Baby”, from soon-to-explode Swedish exports Napoleon, bursts alive with the vibrant feel-good gusto of old American R&B, a shocking projection given the menacing tone of the title’s parenthetical portion. An upbeat big band playhouse of sound built on soaring horn elements, flickering guitars and some effervescent backing female […]

Bow Wow featuring JD “Roc The Mic”

Riding a smooth R&B-based backbeat (complete with cool Slick Rick interjections, anonymous hook-girl cooings and starry-eyed keyboards) that triggers nostalgia for the best that radio-friendly, mid-to-late-’90’s hip hop had to offer, Bow Wow’s newest single “Roc The Mic” just begs to soundtrack some long car-ride with the top down and the near-triple digit summer sun […]