Illinois “Are You Coming With Me”

illinoisPart of the third installment of Pennsylvanian indie-rock band Illinois‘ ambitious “six EP’s in six months” project, The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe (with each release accompanied by a quirky webisode), “Are You Coming With Me?” is an Americana-esque little pleaser that casts lead vocalist Chris “Arch” Archibald as the heroic protagonist in the middle of some Lifetime TV movie-type drama.

“…And when he comes near/ I’ll run for the door/ And if she stumbles/ I’ll come back for her,” sings Archibald betwixt the track’s comforting display of strum-along melancholy. His assuaging vow of a far-better future correlate beautifully with the arrangement’s warm textures, especially as it builds to a “bah bah”-laced finale that leaves the listener basking in the golden hue of a “happily ever after” fade-out.

Peep the “Chapter 3” web-isode below. Meanwhile, look for a new Catastrophe EP/ “Chapter” to arrive on the first Tuesday of each month through April.

DL: “Are You Coming With Me?” (alt)

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