Circlesquare “Dancers”

“Well the world is a better place, it’s a better place/ Now that everybody started to dance”, sing-raps Jeremy Shaw, the one-man-band figure behind Canadian electronic outfit Circlesquare, in new single “Dancers”. And we would agree with him, especially if random people on the street suddenly burst into the herky-jerk contemporary dance routines that are […]

Colin Munroe featuring 88 Keys “Last Cause (Cause N Effect Remix)”

On Colin Munroe‘s Unsung Hero mixtape highlight “Last Cause”, the promising singer/ songwriter/ producer found himself immersed in the uncomfortable void of a pointless twenty-something existence. Soullessly making his way through the day-to-day mundane, only to score temporary satisfaction from the brief highs of coffee, films and books (“…but then I’ll wake up feeling the […]

JIGG featuring Rick James “Superfreak”

Ahhh….“Superfreak”!! That relentless punk-funk groove! Those wink-wink lyrics! That sax solo! The friggin’ Temptations! A serpentine vocal that made you believe he was the freakiest man on the planet! No matter how many times you’ve heard it in in your lifespan, another spin of Rick James’ 1981 OTT uber-jam will never be met with disdain. […]

The Fray “Heartless (Kanye West Cover)”

As stated here before, it’s always nice to hear something from 808s & Heartbreak that’s been fleshed out with live instrumentation and a “real” singer, and this take on the album’s second single by anony-pop/ rockers The Fray bears a certain quasi-appeal thanks to some starry-eyed twinkling elements, ghostly background vocals and the ever-zealous Isaac […]

In-Box Pile-Up

Every music blogger will feel the Maestro’s pain when it comes to the overly-packed in-box. Filled to the brim with PR’s showcasing that “hot new indie artist” whose bandwagon you just HAVE to jump on early, “exclusive” remixes that have obviously been CC’d to damn near everyone else on the Hype Machine/ circuit, the […]

La Roux “In For The Kill”

La Roux find another 8-bit digi-White-funk playground to explore inner feelings in on “In For The Kill”, the equally-agreeable follow-up to their much-hyped Fall debut “Quicksand” (which Maestro didn’t realize carried a slight lesbianic tinge until recently, making that record even more hot). This time around, singer Elly Jackson’s blurred falsetto latches onto a lyric […]