Circlesquare “Dancers”

“Well the world is a better place, it’s a better place/ Now that everybody started to dance”, sing-raps Jeremy Shaw, the one-man-band figure behind Canadian electronic outfit Circlesquare, in new single “Dancers”. And we would agree with him, especially if random people on the street suddenly burst into the herky-jerk contemporary dance routines that are […]

Colin Munroe featuring 88 Keys “Last Cause (Cause N Effect Remix)”

On Colin Munroe‘s Unsung Hero mixtape highlight “Last Cause”, the promising singer/ songwriter/ producer found himself immersed in the uncomfortable void of a pointless twenty-something existence. Soullessly making his way through the day-to-day mundane, only to score temporary satisfaction from the brief highs of coffee, films and books (“…but then I’ll wake up feeling the […]

La Roux “In For The Kill”

La Roux find another 8-bit digi-White-funk playground to explore inner feelings in on “In For The Kill”, the equally-agreeable follow-up to their much-hyped Fall debut “Quicksand” (which Maestro didn’t realize carried a slight lesbianic tinge until recently, making that record even more hot). This time around, singer Elly Jackson’s blurred falsetto latches onto a lyric […]