Anya Marina “Whatever You Like (T.I. Cover)”/ Mateo “Live Your Life/ Get Out of My Mind”

You know you’re one of the hip hop world’s top dogs when everyone is scrambling to remake or reconfigure your records while they’ll still dominating the airwaves. Below, check out a couple recent instances of artists putting their own unique spin on T.I.’s 2008 double-dose of smash, “Whatever You Like” and “Live Your Life”:

-First up, head on over to Paste Magazine and peep California singer-songwriter Anya Marina serving an acoustic rendition of “Whatever You Like” that makes the over-played bouncer sound fresh again.

Reincarnating T.I.’s sing-song flow with her delicate coo and low register moans, the straight-forward cover (she retains it’s male perspective) is all kinds of cute, making us wish that she could do an entire album’s worth of these Lilith Fair-ian-styled rap remakes (until then, check out her non-T.I.-associated, yet still fine, tunes on her latest album, Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II).

-Next up we have R&B-pop newcomer Mateo, whose recent mixtape release Underneath The Sky crafts engaging romance tales over beats both new and familiar (808s and Heartbreak is swiped from twice). Of the five cuts featured, the track making the most noise around the blogosphere is “Get Out Of My Mind”, which sees him divulging the difficulty of getting over an ex atop the instrumental to T.I.’s “Live Your Life”.

“Stay out my door/ And I’ll be just fine,” he asserts to his own lingering memory of the former lover. But that’s easier said than done, especially since he’s unable to even shake off the imagined scent of her perfume, much less the heart pangs he still suffers for her.

Download the rest of Sky here and become acquainted with even more excellent displays of Mateo’s dreamy pipes and vivid pen game (Mixtape Maestro’s favorite, the mesmerizing love ballad “Oooh N Love”, quickly positions this cat as one threat Ne-Yo should really be watching out for).

DL: “Get Out of My Mind/ ‘Live Your Life’ Freestyle” (alt)

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