Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele “When You Were Mine (Prince Cover)”

dent-mayOne of Prince’s slickest pop creations ever remains the 1980 Dirty Mind gem “When You Were Mine”, a quirky love letter to an ex framed in a buzzy new wave sheen. It might not hold ranking as an obvious Top 5 Prince pick (partly due to it’s never being released as an official single), but it’s nevertheless reigned as a fan favorite, spawning numerous cover versions over the years.

Up on par with Miss Cyndi Lauper’s brilliant take is this version from Animal Collective protegee/ Mississippi-born ukulele & retro-pop enthusiast Dent May.

May’s reading perfectly taps into the lyrics’ put-upon boyfriend woe: it’s sparse setting of handclaps and acoustic strums on the verses conveys a loneliness feel, while his cold, and quite odd, old crooner vocal gives him a dweeb-ish quality that makes believable the notion that he would be so head-over-heels in love he would allow his girlfriend to siphon away all his cash, stay mum despite being aware of her continued infidelity, and not even raise any questions when he wakes up post-threesome to see her spooned up with the other dude.

DL: “When You Were Mine (Prince Cover)” (alt)

…Alas, all hope is not lost on May finding someone new to shack up with, as proven on “Meet Me In The Garden”, an all-original tune from his band’s recently dropped LP, The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele.

Bathed in a dreamy Tropic├ília lilt that’s humorously accented with exotic bird calls, “Garden” sees May’s geek-chic persona getting some older blonde babe named “Miss Caroline” so hot and bothered, she makes sure to contact him “every Tuesday and every other Friday or so” to schedule their next freak session.

He may wink “I’m young but I can do things”, but beneath this faux-cool front, he’s pinching himself, unable to fully wrap his mind around the idea that he could hold so much power over such a sexy cougar (“Under the oak, she’s having a smoke/ Just for me!!!“).

We say relish in this very-pimp moment Dent, just make sure you don’t invite any other guys into the bedroom (or, in this case, garden) to distract her attention.

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