Soulja Boy featuring Sammie “Kiss Me Thru The Phone”

souljaDamn you Soulja Boy!

Damn you for that dumb ‘Tell’ Em’ part of your moniker! Damn you for making Mixtape Maestro spend far too long trying to figure out all the moves to “Crank That” (only to have the song be long past ‘played out’ when the routine was finally mastered)! Damn you for not just disappearing off the face of the planet like all the other brief ringtone rap successes! But most of all, damn you for coming up with something as likable as “Kiss Me Thru The Phone”.

Unfortunately it seems the term “one hit wonder” may not long apply to the 18-year-old, given that “Phone” has already cracked the Hot 100 Top Ten and has the potential to rank even higher. Why? It’s a pretty sturdy piece of teen-rap fluff that succeeds off the same infectious bubblegum bounce that fueled prior Jim Jonsin productions’ (“Lollipop”, “Whatever You Like”) rises into airplay ubiquity while allowing Soulja to inject another gibberish hook (in this case: “Da da dadadada da da dadadada da da..”) into our brains for future echoings at the random-est of moments.

SB may still be one of the most annoying entities in rap music today, but the overall playful charm of “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” (with major kudos falling on Sammie’s infectiously circuitous chorus) does a fine job at dulling the ire a tad.

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