Kanye West featuring Tony Williams and Young Jeezy “Amazing (Remix)”

tony-williamsThe excitingly deathless 808’s & Heartbreak-referencing trend carries on with this latest entry: a re-handling of current single “Amazing” by producers Haskel Johnson and Derek “D.O.A.” Allen and G.O.O.D. Music signee/ Kanye cousin Tony Williams (he’s the voice behind Jay Z’s “History”, and has several ‘background vocalist’-credited gigs on West albums) that enhances the original’s dulled, menacing stomp with doses of rock bite and adult soul finesse.

Here, Johnson and Allen paste electric guitar and live drumming action on the fringes, while Williams slow things down for a ballad-y, piano-dresses mid-section that echoes Kanye’s ego-massaging tangent (“If you gon’ hate on me without a reason/ It ain’t my loss/ It’s amazing how they talk about you/ I don’t know why/ Anyone would ever want to doubt ya…”).

Yeah, some of “Amazing”‘s compelling insular feel may be lost in all of the trio’s newly added tinkerings, but we’re still huge fans of this revamp nonetheless and wish for their aid in some of the album’s other cuts.

DL: “Amazing (Remix)” (alt)

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