Jamie Foxx featuring Drake, The-Dream and Kanye West “Digital Girl (West Coast Remix)”

In which Jamie Foxx takes the perfectly fine as-is Intuition highlight “Digital Girl” and gives it a needless re-scrubbing, bringing in an entirely different beat, brand new lyrics and a ho-hum guest appearance from Drake. Dubbed the “West Coast Remix” (or, in some corners of the Web, the “MJ Remix”), we can appreciate it’s BBQ-in-the-park […]

Cherri V “Til The Sun Comes Up”

The past decade-and-a-half has seen so many classic pop and rock favorites sampled, interpolated or chopped up for some brand new pop, hip hop or R&B creation that we probably shouldn’t be too stirred that someone would think of messing with Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. But when we heard London-born R&B tart Cherri V‘s […]

Calvin Harris “Ready For The Weekend”

Following up his surprisingly effective flashback to arena-sized ’90’s rave “I’m Not Alone”, Calvin Harris unleashes yet another irresistable foot-mover with “Ready For The Weekend”, a feel-good dance-pop entry focused on the anticipated thrills of a post-work week break. “So if you’re waiting, jump out your skin/ To find a cure for whatever state your […]