Mr. Hudson “Supernova (Orchestral Mix)”

mr. hudsonSo what happens when Mr. Hudson‘s “Supernova” single loses all traces of Kan-yeezy (both the rapper/”singer”‘s vocal presence and the 808’s & Heartbreak techno-hop crunch influence on the production)? By the sounds of this newly unleashed string quartet-backed version, it bascally ends up a far stronger record.

Thanks to some overly-stylized musical happenings and an attention-hogging guest star, the original “Supernova” had just too many distractions taking the listener away from an otherwise engaging lyric about a man’s attempt to re-grasp something real when immersed in a glitz and glamour-filled celebrity world that houses little authencity.

That same script fares much better when supported by a beautifully sculpted orchestral arrangement, haunting female-aided harmonies and a de-polished lead vocal by Hudson that hits a striking tinge of vulnerability with each strained reach at the chorus’ big notes.

Mr. Hudson, if you’re listening, we’d be so appreciative if you could re-illustrate the pre-leaked gem “Anyone But Him” in this same gorgeous context.

DL: “Supernova (Orchestral Mix)” (alt)

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