Shakira “She-Wolf” Remixes


Shakira’s inner “She-Wolf” gets it’s chop-licking boogie on further via these two recently unleashed club mixes:

The first, helmed by none other than Mr. Calvin Harris, shrouds the singer in back-and-forth dashing synths and spacey sound effects while re-reminding us that you can never go wrong with a lil’ cowbell additive; the other, known as the ‘Deeplick Edit’, bears a catchy, syncopated guitar shuffle and a nice Zapp & Roger-esque vocoder slant to the “S.O.S.” line.

Too bad these things don’t come with videos, cause we’d love to see how Shakira would freakishly contort her groove thang to their beats.

DL: “She-Wolf (Calvin Harris Remix)” (alt)

DL: “She-Wolf (Deeplick Edit)” (alt)

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