Grizzly Bear featuring Michael McDonald “While You Wait For The Others”

michael mcdonaldWe thought the only thing Michael McDonald bothered to do these days was record endless covers of old soul and Motown classics, but the unmistakable voice behind cherished faves “What A Fool Believes” and “I Keep Forgettin'” (and, er, this), and the man who vocally inspires at least one Top 20 contestant on American Idol each year, has definitely triggered our cheers with this one: a new B-side take on Grizzly Bear‘s new Veckatimest single “While You Wait For The Others” in which he TAKES THE LEAD.

What’s most surprising here is how natural it all feels, conjuring up jumbled feelings of awe and glee when taking in the sound of McDonald’s rounded, blue-eyed soul yarl atop “Others”‘ psychedelic lurch, betwixt the chorus’ swooning male harmonies or bouncing around with that whole “want…want…want” breakdown highlight.

Our heads hadn’t yet stopped spinning after catching Jay-Z and Beyonce swaying along to GB at one of the band’s concerts, but then to get this…and learn that it’s really, really good!?! Oh how we adore your mysterious ways, Universe!!

We’ll be good (this time!!) and just give you a stream of the track below (head here for official ordering options), but as a consolation prize, snatch up two alternate versions of “What A Fool Believes”: Jim Burgess’ classic 12″ disco remix and Aretha Franklin’s saucy 1980 cover version.

Grizzly Bear featuring Michael McDonald “While You Wait For The Others”:

DL: “What A Fool Believes (12″ Jim Burgess Remix)” (alt)

DL: “What A Fool Believes (Aretha Franklin)” (alt)

One thought on “Grizzly Bear featuring Michael McDonald “While You Wait For The Others”

  1. I have a complimentary subscription to satellite radio and I thanked my lucky starts when I heard this Grizzly Bear tune. I’ve never heard of them before but was amazed. I am well out of my university days so have little time to find new music. I was thrilled with it and want to hear MORE!

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