B.o.B “Kids (MGMT Cover)”

Just as we’re continuing to find new reasons to be in love with all the wildly diverse eclecticism found on B.o.B‘s variety-show-like spectacle of a debut The Adventures of Bobby Ray, the Southern mixtape-turned-pop sensation would go and find a new way to wildly impress us all over again.

B.o.B strapped on his guitar during a recent trip to BBC’s Live Lounge and pulled off this lovely cover of MGMT’s oft-covered favorite “Kids”, lifting the 2008 indie synth-pop jam to new levels of irresistible infectiousness with the addition of his charismatic exuberance and considerable, soul-stewed singing chops.

“Kids (MGMT Cover)”:

DL: “Kids (MGMT Cover)” (alt)

5 thoughts on “B.o.B “Kids (MGMT Cover)”

  1. instrumentals are played nice! expected more from bob, kinda a rap on the track instead just resinging it (I know it’s a cover but still would love to hear more of ‘him’ on the track)

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