Estelle featuring John Legend & Nas “Fall In Love”

Since apparently people weren’t buying into the hip-house flavor Estelle was working on her last single, the clubby flop “Freak”, it makes sense that the British singer would do a quick about-face and revert back to the sound that earned her her largest crowd.

For new cut “Fall In Love”, Estelle goes for a blatant, near note-for-note retread of her 2008 Grammy-winning smash “American Boy”, but it’s one instance where artistic laziness gets a pass, because really, who wouldn’t want a repeat dose of the winning lush R&B groove that backed that Kanye West-assisted number?

Released in two versions (one that features John Legend and one pairing Estelle with Nas), “Fall In Love”, in either incarnation, is an instantly lovable summertime breezer, tracking the blooming romantic interest between two strangers who, after passing each other on the street on a daily basis, decide to finally make a go at getting to know one another better.

Have to admit though, this would be a thousand times better if Estelle would’ve just went all the way re-do and nabbed another excellently ego-centric Kanye verse…

Grab a blending of both versions (hooked up by DJ Smu) below.

DL: “Fall In Love (Smu Mix)” (alt)

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