Diggy featuring Lupe Fiasco & Pharrell “Oh Yeah”

While it feels odd having so many grown folks go nuts in anticipation of the musical output of a fifteen-year-old, heavily hyped rap tyke Diggy Simmons (son of hip hop royalty, Run DMC’s Reverend Run) does deserve some of the praise being tossed his way: his mic skills register far more impressive than many rappers five and ten years his senior, especially considering the fact that his lyrics stay age-appropriately clean-cut.

On the spacey, sludge-crunk of “Oh Yeah”, an early preview of upcoming mixtape Airborne, Dig even manages to hold his own against, and, to a certain extent, slightly steal the spotlight from, trackmate heavyweights Lupe Fiasco and (a back in rapper mode!!) Pharrell, constructing a strikingly hypnotic call-and-response hook alongside ghoulish backing titular chants before ripping through the track’s final verse in a masterful juggling of rapid-fire pacing and clever, cutting swipes aimed at those either unconvinced or just intimidated by his abilities (“If I am such an amateur/ When I come around, what you panic for?”, “I know you think Lupe’s writing right?/ No, I’m this nice/ Foolish thoughts”).

Is it bad that we’re actually looking forward to having some doofus try to challenge this kid on wax, just so we can hear them get embarrassed by a young’n?

Diggy – Oh Yeah (feat. Lupe Fiasco & Pharrell)

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