Colin Munroe “The Only Exception (Paramore Revox)”

Eternal up-and-comer/ go-to hook singer to the mixtape rap stars Colin Munroe may be taking his own sweet time in releasing something official, but he knows how to keep his name burbling throughout the blogosphere until that day comes, every couple months or so popping up with something new to show he’s still in the game.

On his latest freebie release, EP The Revox Suite – Vol. 1, Munroe constructs an interesting new take on the remix/ cover/ mash-up, taking original records by the likes of Bob Dylan, La Roux and The Jackson 5 and then gently layering them with his own studio-manipulated multi-part vocal harmonies, bringing about some impressively psychedelic-tinged, aural-kaleidoscopic results.

Tops for us here is his “revox” of Paramore‘s stately 2010 prom ballad “The Only Exception”, which, already very moving in it’s original form thanks to Hayley’s heartfelt and fragile lead performance and a beautifully-penned lyric about struggling to believe in love again following your parents’ divorce, sees its tender vulnerability further enhanced with Munroe’s newly added decorations of wispy, mostly wordless vox accompaniment.

Would’ve been even more powerful had Colin managed to get his hands on an a capella version of the Paramore cut, but as-is, Munroe’s Brian Wilson-studied vocal arrangement techniques provide a pleasant riff off a new favorite.

Pick up the rest of The Revox Suite – Vol. 1 here.

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