The Concretes “WYWH”

If the main focal point of your group has changed and you’re not wanting to be stuck in a situation where future product is always unfairly being compared to what came before, the best bet is to either change the name of the group entirely or at least wildly reinvent your sound to help separate the two eras.

When original frontwoman Victoria Bergsman departed Swedish indie pop eight-piece The Concretes in 2006 (to be replaced in lead singing duties by then-drummer Lisa Milberg), the band understandably opted not to do the former, but, perhaps foolishly, also didn’t do much of the latter, resulting in an album (2007’s Hey Trouble) whose reviews were mostly focused on how empty their music felt without Bergsman spook-ish charm at it’s core.

Two years later, with the release of WYWH, the readjustment kinks have been ironed out and the band’s future reset back to promising, largely in part due to the grand decision to attach their signature melancholy to a minimalist disco sleekness.

The album closing title track is one of the better exercises in this newfound love for groove, a seductive recipe of subtle four-four thuds and druggy guitar fashioning an appealingly woozy club-night ambiance as frame for Milberg’s somber yearn for the return of a past friend.

“You and I/ We’re just a postcard/ Wish you were here/ With love, best regards,” her smoky vocal weaves in between the track’s lazily lush rhythm, evoking the sad image of her twirling around somewhere by herself on the dance floor, the lo-fi Studio 54 churn and fantasies of accompanying her mysterious figure on a “walk along the waterfront” the only things keeping her from completely falling off the edge.

Peep the entrancing ditty, as well as their sweet indie-folk cover of Take That’s “Back For Good”, below.

WYWH is available now.

DL: “WYWH” (alt)

BONUS DL: The Concretes “Back For Good (Take That Cover)” (alt)

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