Mystikal “That Woman”

Any song featuring a talking penis is okay with us, especially if said song is coming from one of the vast hip hop landscape’s most unique (and much-missed) voices.

Eleven years after breaking big into the mainstream with the Double Platinum-certified Let’s Get Ready (with six of those years being time spent behind bars), the N’awlins-born Mystikal (aka former No Limit soldier/ Mr. “Shake Ya Ass” and “Danger”/ the rap world’s own James Brown) is establishing a solid come back starting point with the release of “That Woman”, a near-brilliant “Let’s just pick up where I left off” ditty that opens with him being woken up by his throbbing, “hard as Wolverine’s claws” member.

Does he have to pee? “Naw muthafucka,” his schlong responds in demented cartoon character voice, alerting its “boss” to its desire for some loving from a previously seen dimepiece. And Mystikal does as requested, kicking off a sex session storyline peaked by the Southern emcee’s oh-so-refreshing brand of catchphrase-laden, heavily-animated quirkiness and appealingly understated production anchored in a New Orleans & early West Coast hip hop-accented funk groove.

Does the rapper deserve a “You should know better” finger-wag for reverting back to his old misogynist ways so soon after his prison stint (especially considering the reasons why he ended up there)? Probably, and we’re pretty sure the song’s subject matter and all the words Mystikal uses instead of ‘woman’ in its chorus will only serve as fuel for those protests-to-come, but “That Woman” still earns a high grade in our book, and with a clever enough radio edit similar to the way he transformed “Shake Ya Ass” for Top 40-tuned ears, we could see many others feeling the same.

Welcome back Mystikal.

DL: “That Woman” (alt)

One thought on “Mystikal “That Woman”

  1. Yeahhhhh! Mystikal back in the game! While I was always more of a fan of his “Ghetto Fabulous” and “Unpredictable” albums over his newer radio stuff, this is a great return to form for him. His voice is long-missed in hip-hop, and I look forward to some new gangster tunes from him soon…

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