Stephen Marley featuring Melanie Fiona “No Cigarette Smoke (In My Room)”

Stephen Marley lays down the law to his boo on this lead single to his upcoming sophomore set Revelation Part 1: The Root of Life: While he’s gone, there will be no smoking or drinking going on in his room, but she should stick around, with her “perfect smile” intact, and prepare for a major afternoon love-making session upon his return.

What sounds like some horriffic Lifetime Movie of The Week sex slave imprisonment plot on paper emerges a swoon-worthy Lovers Rock gem on wax though, especially once Melanie Fiona‘s smoky vocals make their way onto the track’s seductive slow wind, answering back Marley’s island-crooned orders to stay in place with a bunch of sexy, anxiety-edged writhing about (“Trying not to think about how I’m gonna do without your touch/ And I can’t stop thinking about the lovin’ that I’m needing so much”).

Homegirl really sounds like she ain’t gonna make it!!! We would tell her to light up a cig or take a sip of some dranky-drank so she could try and cool down in his absence, but then again

Stephen Marley – No Cigarette Smoke feat. Melanie Fiona

Revelation Part 1: The Root of Life is due in April.

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