The Human League “Into The Night”

Now, before any one starts: Yes, we are well aware it is the year 2011; yes, we’re pretty sure it’s been a couple decades since a majority of you had any sort of interest in a new The Human League record; and yes, we, too, thought THL had broken up years ago. So color us just as surprised as you that we would end up so admiring “Into The Night”, an album cut from the Sheffield-born act’s newly released ninth (!) effort Credo.

It’s no “Don’t You Want Me” (though, what is), but “Night” shows that the ’80’s new wave successes still got some nice grooves left in them, the wobbly white digi-soul burbling here giving us all kinds of David Bowie-meets-Orange Juice-meets-Hot Chip quirky bliss.

“Do you turn left?/ Do you turn right?/ Back to your bed?/ Or into the night?”, Phillip Oakley’s as-striking-as-remembered baritone bellows to the “darling bohemians” and “empty rebellions” aimlessly searching for some kind of new inspiration below: Not quite sure we know which direction we’re headed Phil, but we would gladly jump aboard you and “the schoolgirls“‘ Oddball Electro-Funk Express if this is the kind of material we could expect endlessly pumping there (mixed in with a few of the older hits, of course).

“Into The Night”:

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