Mary J. Blige featuring Diddy & Lil’ Wayne “Someone To Love Me (Naked)”

It’s quite astounding how every time you’re ready to count Diddy out as the non-musician he is, the man manages to cook up something that forces you to begrudgingly grant him some kudos. Latest case in point: Diddy-Dirty Money’s Last Train To Paris, a long-pushed-back set that as printed pitch (Auto-Tuned warbling? Over-the-top cinematic concept? […]

The Morning Benders “Oh Annie”

With The Morning Benders‘ newly unleashed “Oh Annie”, the Cali four-piece provide a soothing bonus extension to the gorgeously-crafted indie pop found on their stellar sophomore release of last year Big Echo (home of “Excuses”, one of the greatest recordings to emerge in the new millennium). The song was born after songwriter/ band frontman Chris […]

Spree Wilson “No Use In Runnin'”

Ready to join the ranks of so many other platinum-coated ATL-iens with no use for those lame genre boundaries (a pack including the likes of B.o.B, Andre 3000 and Cee-Lo), Atlanta rapper/ singer/ songwriter/ producer Spree Wilson and his alt-urban-flavored brew of whatever different R&B, pop and hip hop elements tickles his fancy at the […]