The Morning Benders “Oh Annie”

With The Morning Benders‘ newly unleashed “Oh Annie”, the Cali four-piece provide a soothing bonus extension to the gorgeously-crafted indie pop found on their stellar sophomore release of last year Big Echo (home of “Excuses”, one of the greatest recordings to emerge in the new millennium).

The song was born after songwriter/ band frontman Chris Chu’s hundredth viewing of Annie Hall, but one needn’t have necessarily seen the Academy Award-winning Woody Allen classic (though shame on you) to fully appreciate the track’s darling Olde Tyme pop waltz or Chu’s tender, edge-of-tears vocal as he attempts to make sense out of his love’s heart-breaking departure (“Annie, oh Annie/ How can you go?/ I taught you everything you know, you know, you know…”).

To think, this is the kind of stuff The Benders leave off albums…

Oh Annie by The Morning Benders

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