Mike Posner “The Scientist (Coldplay Cover)”

Continuing on the interesting promise of his surprisingly solid, self-produced electro-baked remake of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” from a few months back, Mike Posner has taken to making over yet another recent pop classic, this time Coldplay’s heartfelt piano ballad “The Scientist”.

And just like most people’s initial thoughts concerning him covering the Adele tune, the idea of a Posner-“Scientist” marriage feels like an embarrassment waiting to happen. Not only because this song is considered one of the greatest creations of the new millennium and should be left alone, but it’s just hard imagining Posner’s meek vocal tone and sleek, electro-pop beat-crafting urges being a worthy enough substitute for the beautiful falsetto peaks and classy, emotion-rich arrangement of the original.

For the first half of this remake, those train-wreck fears near fruition, thanks to the seeming misfire of Posner’s ached mewling floating a bit aimlessly within the spacey futuro-pop dramatrics he’s constructed. However, enter this sudden burst of mechanized dubsteppy sludge at the mid-point to color in the production’s huge gaps and the record quickly takes on a fascinatingly odd apocalyptic elegance, the beat’s dark, heavy churn juxtaposed against Mike’s wispy woe conjuring a compelling aural recipe.

True, the creation would be even better had Posner bypassed mic duties and simply kept Martin’s memorable performance attached, but it’s a strong enough re-imagining to keep us once again looking forward to what other popular tunes from the past he aims to tweak next.

Mike Posner – The Scientist (Coldplay Cover) (DL)

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