Rye Rye featuring Robyn “Never Will Be Mine”

In all honesty, had M.I.A. protogee Rye Rye‘s long-awaited debut Go! Pop! Bang! been filled with nothing more than the same manically-constructed dance-rap club jams that had made her so blog-beloved these past few years, it wouldn’t have been a problem, simply because homegirl handles that niche very well.

In her effort to show some versatility though (and, more importantly, attract a more mainstream audience), we can’t blame Rye Rye for wanting to switch things up a bit for her official intro full-length, hence the arrival of G!P!B! second single “Never Will Be Mine”, a radio-baiting almost-ballad that smartly also caters to Rye’s already-established Web-based audience by featuring Robyn in a semi-recycling of the Swede pop pixie’s excellent “Be Mine!” single.

Moody keyboard twinkles and sharp hand-claps lay a nicely pop-polished framework for Rye’s sober (though still super-hyped) reflection on a relationship tattering before her eyes thanks to a boyfriend’s hurtful mind games; her performance is effective, in a bubble-gummy My First Broken Heart-kinda way, but it’s really all about Robyn’s hook here, the singer’s tears-in-throat vocal/ realization of not having The One within her grasp as she had previously thought sounding just as soul-crushing as it did on her 2007 original.

Rye Rye – “Never Will Be Mine” (feat. Robyn)

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