YC feat. CyHi Da Prynce, Bun B, B.o.b, Big Sean, Cory Mo, Cory Gunz, Nelly, Trae The Truth, Waka Flocka Flame, Wale, Wiz Khalifa, Yo Gotti & Young Jeezy “Racks (Remix)”

Firstly, our fingers hurt from typing out all the credits in the title. Secondly, what is the big deal about this song, a simple-minded, Auto-Tuned-mush-mouthed Southern rap banger about having lots of dough (or “racks on racks on racks…”) that sounds like it hitched a time machine ride from a late ’90’s Rap City Top Ten countdown? You can really only understand about 15% of the lyrics (with most of that being the quickly irritating “Racks on racks on racks” hook), and while it’s main melody is catchy enough, after it’s been beaten in your brain about a thousand times, you’re left not only despising Atlanta rapper YC but wanting to murder a whole bunch of puppies as well.

Then again, perhaps it’s just yet another sign that we’re finally becoming like our parents and “just don’t understand”, because apparently “Racks” is one of the hottest songs in the nation, with every rapper and their hype-man scrapping to get their voice on it.

This twelve-minute (!) mega remix boasts thirteen (!!) names (and possibly more–is that Twista?), which is way more than your typical DJ Khaled posse cut, and while we would love to spend half the day trying to put together the many voices to names and give you a list of our favorite bars, we’ve decided that life is just too short instead…so here’s the song for your own listening pleasure. Knock yourself out.

DL: “Racks (Remix)” (alt)