Beyonce featuring Kanye West & Andre 3000 “Party”

Even if “Run The Worlds (Girls)” didn’t light the world afire as much as Beyonce probably wanted it to, it was highly unlikely that the song’s modest chart success and the polarizing public reaction to it would lead to much of a wane in interest in what other goodies the R&B/ pop goddess had in store for her followers with fourth album 4, a collection that made it’s way to the Interwebz a couple days back about three weeks premature, giving blog-trolling fans a chance to make their early picks at what should or shouldn’t be considered for future singles.

And of course, the track everybody wanted to seek out first was “Party”, a cut boasting not only Kanye West as producer, but a cameo rap from the ever-elusive Andre 3000, if only to see if the world would melt having three superstars of this magnitude sharing the same track length space.

Much to our surprise, the cut wasn’t the lush, soul-sample-based extravaganza we were expecting, instead finding ‘Ye and ‘Yonce becoming the latest urban acts to turn to the late ’80’s/ early ’90’s New Jack (or Jill, in this case) Swing movement for inspiration.

We can’t say it would break out as a super pop smash if released as a single, but “Party” definitely sends Beyonce down a relaxed, summer-BBQ-friendly direction we wouldn’t mind hearing from her more often, with thick, multi-layered harmonies and a smoove synth R&B groove that lead us into believing the Artist Once Sometimes Known As Sasha Fierce was rocking some serious 90’s girl group marathons throughout the making of 4 (Tell us you aren’t hit with memories of the greatest hits of SWV, Xscape, Zhane, Jade and Brownstone when hearing this), plus, you can’t ever go wrong with Kanye gifting us with future Twitter catchphrases like “swagu”, a Slick Rick/ “La Di Da Di” sample, and basically anything new that Three Stacks would have to offer, even if the Outkast half’s featured appearance here doesn’t really rank amongst his finest.

Listen to the track below, quickly, before the Powers-That-Be snatch it away.


2 thoughts on “Beyonce featuring Kanye West & Andre 3000 “Party”

  1. I dig this record for some reason. I guess I was trying to hate at first but I dig the 80s nostalgia (concerning the beat). A video for this record would be justice served. We’ll see what happens.

  2. She better deliver with the video
    For this type of record, it’ll be the moment she sways the masses pro-Party

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