Dawn Richard “Novocane (Frank Ocean Cover)”

Dawn Richard may have only made the Billboard charts as part of groups so far (first as a part of the now-defunct Danity Kane, then as one-half of the visually striking female duo in Diddy-Dirty Money), but she has made sure to retain at least some of her focus on her future solo career all the while, not a week going by in the past couple of years without some demo, mixtape entry or possible solo album cut finding it’s way onto the Interwebz.

Her latest offering, “Novocane”, reveals Dawn to be just as much of a Frank Ocean fanatic as seemingly the rest of us, flipping the Odd Future neo-soul crooner’s laid-back celebration of being blazed out of his mind and having marathon sex sessions with porno chicks who have dreams of being dentists to, well, being blazed out of her mind and having a one-off romp with a NY dude with “bullshit charm”.

Judging by scenes illustrated, Frank’s version wins, but we dig Richard’s voice.

Dawn Richard – Novacane (Frank Ocean Cover Remix) (DL)

Here’s the video to Frank’s original:

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