Kanye West “Mama’s Boyfriend”

As insanely ambitious as Kanye West has pushed his sound on recent albums, it goes without saying that nothing soothes the senses like when he’s spitting from the heart to a warm soul sample.

“Mama’s Boyfriend”, a song that originally made Web rounds last year via an acapella Facebook HQ live performance only to curiously end up left off My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, works within this winning College Dropout-era sonic formula, and it’s an instant favorite, vividly (and hilariously) documenting a five-year-old, Superman PJ’s-sporting West’s hatred for a man trying to supplant his position as his mama’s “little husband”.

With the track’s smooth old-school R&B groove and soulful, anony-vocal wails offering an effective whisk back in time to the song’s early-80’s setting, West spends the entire first verse dishing out a delicious cut-down towards this outside threat to his happy single-parent household. “Trying to get to know me homie just kill the charm/ You ain’t interested in me/ You just tryna fuck my mom,” he recalls, showing little love for the man with the awful “Old Spice” smell and even worse fashion sense, to the point where he fantasizes about running him over with his bicycle in the hopes of getting him ejected from the West household permanently.

As stellar a verse as this is though, “Boyfriend” truly makes the transition into classic territory as the song continues on and a now-adult Kanye is slapped with a taste of karma as the tables end up turned and he begins courting a woman with a kid he’s now forced to face off with (“He don’t like his mama’s boyfriend/ Just like me…”)

Charming, witty and touchingly human (considering West’s well-documented love for his mother, and the fact that anyone who had to deal with step-parents while growing up can totally relate to the scenario on display here), if you weren’t already yearning for Yeezy to make a full return trip to that early-career sound for his next album, hearing “Mama’s Boyfriend” will surely leave you in that state of mind.

“Mama’s Boyfriend” (DL)

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