Lethal Bizzle “Fast Car (Tracy Chapman Cover)”

Tracy Chapman’s gorgeous, albeit down-right depressing, Reaganomics-era ballad “Fast Car” has been enjoying a huge pop cultural resurgence in the UK in recent weeks thanks to another “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”-type Britain’s Got Talent performance-turned-viral sensation helping turn the original into a chart smash all over again.

Looking to jump on the bandwagon in celebration of the song’s sudden re-popularity, London-born rap star Lethal Bizzle brought his own hip hop twist to the tune in this moving Live Lounge performance, using “Fast Car”‘s lonesome guitar plucks and the momentary slice of hope nestled in its chorus as support for his own rags-to-riches narrative.

Tracking his life from humble childhood beginnings through his eventual pop success as an adult, Bizzle is basically laying the groundwork for a future biopic here, but the cheap emotional tactics he dishes out (Mom was so broke she could only afford the fake Adidas “with the four stripes”; after striking platinum, he cops her a Benz) are quite effective, leading us to believe that this could have easily been a crossover hit in its own right.

Our only complaint: Bizzle’s inability to inject some kind of “Sometimes I Rhyme Slow” reference anywhere in the mix.

DL: “Fast Car (Tracy Chapman Cover)” (alt)

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