Dionne Bromfield “Foolin'”

After a couple years’ worth of buzz-building, teen-aged retro-soul-inspired up-and-comer (and Amy Winehouse relative/ protogee/ soundalike) Dionne Bromfield finally got a little commercial fire sparked under her career earlier this year, scoring her very first Top 40 UK single this past Spring with the super-catchy, Diggy Simmons-blessed “Yeah Right”.

That success promises to continue with the release of follow-up single “Foolin'”, another vintage-hugged tune based in classic Motown polish with a light hip hop touch for a little modernization. Bromfield’s beyond-her-years grown woman vocals once again sound like they were transported from soul-pop eons prior, helping her ease into the role of a slick seducer stealing the eyes of guys around her by simply being in the room, while the surrounding females, all trying a bit too hard, fail to muster up any male attention at all.

“You already know, he don’t desire you/ I think he’s always made it clear,” Dionne smirks, getting a big kick out of the fact that she’s the one he’s checking for without even so much as a batted lash at her disposal.

Age-appropriate, but classic-skewing enough that it could appeal to listeners at any age, “Foolin” only further strengthens the young Bromfield’s firmly established “One 2 Watch” status.

“Foolin'”: (iTunes)

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