Drake “Headlines”

Not content with resting on his laurels after launching a mini-phenomenon of sorts with his oft-remade summer freebie “Marvin’s Room”, Drake returns with the proper first single to the forthcoming Take Care, a blistering joint that previews that Drake has moved on from talking about getting famous, then ruminating on what comes to finally achieving it, to now focusing in on responding to the feedback that has come in the wake of the success.

And while we would love to say that Drake should just get a therapist so he could be done with the diary-scribing, “Headlines” proves that minus the confessional raps, he just wouldn’t be as fascinating an artist.

At least the new single sees him (likely temporarily) moving away from the nocturnal wooziness of his recent joints, with co-producers Boi-1da and Noah “40” Shebib concocting a dizzying cycle of club-friendly-ish orbicular synths and paper-thin pitter-patter drum pads to demonstrate the mentally confusing whirlwind of Drake “floating in and out of consciousness” off the high of his own success and all the drug and alcohol-soaked celebration that brings while having to deal with the constant criticism asking him to return to an old style he thought he hadn’t ever really detoured away from (“They want to see me pick back up, well where’d I leave it at?”).

Eventually he reaches the conclusion that perhaps things have changed (“Tell them I apologize/ It happened over time”), and while we’re not all the way convinced that he’s gonna give up screaming out (or, more realistically, melodically sing-rapping) “Money over everything/ Money on my mind” on his every other new future release (nor that Drake has in it him in to “body” anybody), “Headlines” nevertheless serves as a killer sneak peek for a much-anticipated album that’s damn near exciting for the continued web commentary drama it’s bound to inspire alone.

DL: “Headlines” (alt)

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