Glasvegas “Geraldine (The Soundmen Remix)”

We’re pretty sure “Geraldine”, the thunderous 2008 epic by Scottish indie rockers Glasvegas, inspired more than a few folks to participate in drunken stomp-shuffles and fist pumps while alone in their living rooms or parked next to tavern jukeboxes and intense finger-tap/ head-nod sessions while stuck behind their steering wheels, but that probably represents the limits to the song’s dance-friendliness, since it’s not like people were itching to break out any new moves on the dance floor to an anthemic rocker about social workers.

Fast-forward a couple years to a musical climate where no tune is safe from clubby makeovers though and BAM!, here we have a (surprisingly not-that-bad) “Glasvegas” revamp by production duo The Soundmen that’s aimed straight for the discotheques and filled with so much electro (and vaguely dancehall) blippity-bloop twinkle, you damn near expect one of Ke$ha’s Auto-Tuned yelps to randomly creep out boasting of how Geraldine is, on top of being this great talk-to, a bad-ass party loving bitch with an appreciation for Jack Daniels and glitter.

We really have no business admiring this…yet, for whatever reason, we dig it something serious.

Glasvegas – Geraldine (The Soundmen Remix) by The Soundmen

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