Phil Ade featuring U.S. Royalty “Monte Carlo Dreams”

Throwing his two cents in on hip hop’s current obsession with titling lushed-out songs celebrating one’s finally making it into the “champagne life” after automobiles (better known as about half of Rick Ross’ catalog), D.C.-area up-and-comer Phil Ade justifies his current “One 2 Watch” status with “Monte Carlo Dreams”, a highlight offering from his new A Different World mixtape.

Set adrift to producer Sunny Norway‘s gorgeously grand sampling of (fellow D.C. act) U.S. Royalty’s Fleetwood Mac-indebted “Monte Carlo”, “Dreams” finds Ade hitting the road to meet up with a babe, but the song has less to do with him getting to that destination than it does giving him an opportunity to flex his sharp punchlines, a skill excellently showcased by his littering the track’s cruise control shimmer with clever tags on his ride’s many fine attributes (“Chevy sittin’ on Wesley Snipes/ Yeah, them blades on”; “Busta Rhymes up in my dash/ My TC screen’s on flip-mode”), his better-than-yours bank account (“My money gettin’ longer/ Your shit look like Daisy Dukes”) and ownership of the best sticky-icky (“Blazing to Jamaican purple haze/ For when I gaze, I got an Asian view”).

Phil Ade – Monte Carlo Dreams (feat. U.S. Royalty) (DL)

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