Skylar Grey “Dance Without You”

Damn near a household name after representing the pop side of recent hip-pop super-smashes by Diddy-Dirty Money (“Coming Home”) and Dr. Dre (“I Need A Doctor”), singer-songwriter Skylar Grey (other previous credits include co-writing Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie” and playing hook-girl on Lupe Fiasco’s “Words I Never Said” and Fort Minor’s “Where’d You Go”) steps out on her own with solo cut “Dance Without You”, an intoxicating cut that largely deviates from the Grey’s Anatomy pop sap we had figured to be her own project’s general vibe.

Yearning to break away from a lover’s suffocating hold over her (“How can I make history/ With your choreography?”), Grey sings of feeling “restrained” and “confined”, an idea she vividly brings to life with druggy moan vocals and a crunchy, hip hop-meets-rock-meets-pop blues stomp that a) boasts an exciting (by today’s Top 40 standards) weirdo-edge and b) provides a convincing depiction of her prison as this pool of the stickiest, dirtiest mud water she’s desperately attempting an exit out of.

To describe it colorfully, “Dance Without You” is like Trent Reznor and Timbaland accidentally stumbling into a late ’90’s Lilith Fair concert, and if Grey’s upcoming solo release Invisible includes more of this genre-blurring nu-fem-pop, we may just find ourselves being bigger fans of the singer than we could have ever initially imagined.

Skylar Grey – Dance Without You (iTunes)

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