Zo! featuring Phonte “Everything She Wants (Wham! Cover)”

Listening to this super-funky remake of Wham!’s “Everything She Wants” by musician-producer Zo! and Phonte (of Little Brother/ The Foreign Exchange fame), you almost want to slap the domes of about 95% of the artists on today’s charts with the nerve to dub themselves an “R&B act”, then send them to up to their rooms until they’ve discovered out to either play an instrument, exist without Auto-Tune, or, better yet, just not suck.

Bypass the fact that the duo have reminded us of the greatness of a sadly oft-overlooked blue-eyed-soul jizzam here (really, if this got a fraction of the love “Wake Me Before You Go Go” receives on “oldies” pop stations, we would die happy), and simply indulge in the supreme level of soul and funk on display here; the squelch in the synths, the slightly lazy knock to the groove, the vocals with the just the right touch of melisma, the harmonies, the bass, the slick segue into MJ’s “Remember The Time” near the song’s end–sigh, it’s almost too much to have to digest without passing out from soul-bliss glee.

Zo!, please teach these kids what R&B in 2011 could really mean.

From the all-covers EP set …just visiting three, which also features amazing remakes of Steely Dan, Barry White and Everything But The Girl, and is available for FREE download here.

Zo! (feat. Phonte) – Everything She Wants (Wham! Cover) (DL)

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