Dum Dum Girls “Bedroom Eyes”

Keeping in line with the major Chrissie Hynde vibes we were getting from the Dum Dum Girls‘ utterly gorgeous power ballad summer offering “Coming Down”, “Bedroom Eyes”, the official first single from the indie pop act’s upcoming Only In Dreams, also sounds like it was drowned in a bath of nothing but Pretenders inspiration, with the mood this time around being far more peppy than that previous single’s shattered romance tale.

Heartache lies at the center of this tune too (the song’s lyric revolving around the insomnia-inducing yearn for a long-gone romance–“I need your bedroom eyes” offers the simplistic ear-worm of a hook), but lead Dum Dum Dee Dee doesn’t aim to devastate the listener into a deep state of depression (as “Coming Down” did) so much as provide a pleasant little summery bop that just so happens to be filled with some very human emotions, not to mention sparkling pop melodies and a lovely vintage guitar jangle that keeps the band’s long established (and increasingly more polished sounding) obsession with all things retro-pop charmingly afloat.

Only In Dreams arrives September 27th (pre-order info here), but keep an eye out for the 7″ release of “Bedroom Eyes” real soon supported with what’s being described as a “dreamy b-side cover” we truly can’t wait to hear.

Dum Dum Girls – Bedroom Eyes

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