Lil’ Wayne featuring T-Pain “How To Hate”

Who would have ever thought back in the mid-to-late-’00’s when Weezy F Baby was lapping everybody else in his unleashing of an amazingly endless stream of bananas rap of both the mixtape and legal variety )though mostly mixtape) that there would ever come a day when dude would drop a full-length under the banner of “The Carter” that felt like a big ‘ol pile of “meh”?

Such is the sad reality with The Carter IV, the rapper’s long-awaited and long-pushed back return to the “Carter” series, and an album that, despite selling close to “a milli” it’s first week, has had fans and critics trying to top each other in claiming how underwhelming, and gasp, largely forgettable, the collection is.

And they’re right: things aren’t looking up when “6 Foot, 7 Foot”, the bad-ass single that preceded the album by eight months (and ignited all kinds of hope for greatness at the times), stands as the best thing Wayne has to offer here; even worse, the album’s true A+ moments don’t even feature the self-proclaimed Goblin, with those honors falling on tracks “Interlude” and “Outro” in which featured guests Tech N9ne, Andre 3000, Bun B, Nas and Busta Rhymes straight up wreck lyrical shop without so much as a grunt from Wayne involved, most likely because they thought they best come correct on an album they also believed was going to be another classic.

Interestingly for us, the one non-previously heard cut found on The Carter IV that actually moved us to hit the replay button first was one of the main targets for the “Why The Carter IV suck” parade: mid-set cut “How To Hate”, a mid-tempo R&B cut pairing Weezy with T-Pain for a “fuck that bitch” spin.

Question our taste all you want, but don’t act like the idea of a T-Wayne album didn’t get you excited at one point, plus, what can we say: we’ve actually kinda missed T-Pain. True, he needed to fall by the wayside for a minute because dude was getting annoying in his ubiquity, but with “Bartender” and “I’m In Luv With A Stripper” long faded from dominating strip-club and urban radio playlists, hearing the Auto-Tune king’s choral wall of mournful mechanized warbles here against a hypnotic slow groove track is quite welcome.

As with everything else on C4 featuring someone else, T-Pain easily steals the spotlight from Wayne on “How To Hate”, trumping the rapper’s lame “When it Waynes it pours” and “Weezy F.–for ‘Fuck You'” not-quite one-liners to robo-whine the woes of being the guy left being “the friend”.

“If you need a shoulder to cry on, girl I won’t listen/ I’m through fucking with these bitch ass bitches,” thrillingly snaps Pain on the hook (think of this as T-Wayne’s sibling entry to “Deuces”), his processed wails sounding quite gorgeous against all the other synthesized squelches raining around him.

Hey, with The Carter IV now (finally) out of the way, perhaps the duo can now find the time to cook up that collaborative project they’ve been promising.

“How To Hate”:

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