Mazzy Star “Common Burn”

While we wouldn’t be surprised if there were a small number of people somewhere around the globe lighting a candle and saying a prayer every night in the hopes that their “favoritest band ever” ’90’s dream-pop/ alternative/ acousti-indie-folk/ pure goodness duo Mazzy Star would bless them with a comeback after fifteen years of silence, for […]

Labrinth “Beautiful People (Chris Brown Cover)”

While we can completely understand why some would continue to have little interest in supporting anything Chris Brown-related post-The Incident, from our standpoint at least, few mainstream dance-pop singles offered as exhilarating a ride this year as the R&B singer-dancer’s F.A.M.E. single/ Benny Benassi collaboration “Beautiful People”, an infectious burst of thinly-penned positivity embedded within […]