Labrinth “Beautiful People (Chris Brown Cover)”

While we can completely understand why some would continue to have little interest in supporting anything Chris Brown-related post-The Incident, from our standpoint at least, few mainstream dance-pop singles offered as exhilarating a ride this year as the R&B singer-dancer’s F.A.M.E. single/ Benny Benassi collaboration “Beautiful People”, an infectious burst of thinly-penned positivity embedded within Brown’s mysterio-distorted vocal imprint and Benassi’s intoxicating roller-coaster display of throbbing lows and rave-tastic highs that largely impressed even it it felt near-impossible to successfully translate to a live, non-lip-synced, context.

Labrinth does just that however in this BBC Live Lounge-birthed cover of the tune and the results lean on the side of incredible, the UK R&B star slicing through the original’s Ibiza-aimed hard techno shell to re-interpret “People” with some moody electric guitar noodling, heavenly background vocal aid, elegant string swells and subdued bits of soulful passion that inject a warm human touch behind the message of uplift.

DL: “Beautiful People (Chris Brown Cover)” (alt)

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