Lykke Li “Unchained Melody (Cover)”

The Patrick Swayze/ Demi Moore/ Whoopi Goldberg film Ghost helped imprint several things on our brains upon it’s release in the summer of 1990: pottery making-as-fourplay, “Molly…You in danger girl”, the then-frightening/ now-hokey images of cartoon-ish shadow demons pulling bad people into the bowels of Hell.

Music-wise, though, the flick’s great gift to the public lied in its re-reminding of–and, to a younger generation, introduction to–the soul-pop perfection of The Righteous Brothers’ 1965-birthed version of “Unchained Melody”, a tune that amazingly managed to become a global-wide smash all over again thanks to the big screen push.

We’re not sure if Lykke Li is a huge Ghost fan, or even thinks of The RB’s take as her personal definitive “Unchained” (as the song has been covered by many over the decades), but for whatever reason, the Swedish music blog goddess took the tune on for Australia’s Triple J radio last week and we could easily see a whole new set of young kids embracing it as their own private favorite.

Consisting of nothing more than Li’s slow, edge-of-breakdown chirps supported by the lonesome acoustic strums and hushed background harmony aid of an accompanying male guitarist, her restrained (and quite naked) “Melody” performance is striking in all the right ways, effectively honing in on the record’s emotion-tinged romantic desperation core that has earned the tune “classic” status by so many sitting-in-the-dark whimpering-through-their-wine followers over the years.

Lykke Li – Unchained Melody (The Righteous Brothers Cover) by LykkeLi (DL)

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