The Ting Tings “Hang It Up”

Over a year after first teasing their still-unreleased second album with the sleek ’80’s disco strut of “Hands”, English duo The Ting Tings have finally gotten around to producing a follow-up effort in the form of “Hang It Up”, a return-to-cheerleader-hookery-form that should take them back to their advert-friendly heights where the band seemed to be heard basically everywhere.

Recycling the same spirited rhythmic spice that made previous Ting entries “Shut Up and Let Me Go” or “That’s Not My Name” brain-stapling highlights with it’s Beastie Boys-ish recipe of funk-rock guitar spikes, squiggly synths and clattery drum stomps, “Hang It Up” is more or less another platform for the ever-pouty Katie White and her partner Jules De Martino’s fun-filled sing-talk nothings, guaranteeing that by song’s end, endless chants of “You can hang it up/ You can hang it up/ This time baby you can hang it up” will be bouncing around the inside of the listener’s skull whether desired or not.

Hang It Up by the-ting-tings

Below, take a listen to the boogie-tastic (and slightly better) Vanguard Remix of “Hang It Up”, the first of what’s sure to be a billion more re-imaginings of the tune:

Hang It Up_ Vanguard Remix by the-ting-tings

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