Dozens “Forget Me”

With Kyle Mann, frontman for Chicago indie-pop three-piece Dozens, is done with you–he’s done.

On “Forget Me”, the second single from the band’s forthcoming debut (due next summer on Dreambait Recordings), Mann lets out a serious dose of “keep it real” talk on his girlfriend and when all this truth he’s giving leads her into a drunken sob fit, he doesn’t even bat an eyelash (“I’m just gonna sit and watch you cry”), hoping that this will be what finally puts her into Ex I Never Have To See Again territory (“Oh no I won’t take back/ What I said to you last night/ I was hoping you would forget me”).

Too bad, so sad for homegirl; for the listener however, “Forget Me” hits all the right catchy indie-pop buttons, its 80’s-hazed supply of dreamy synths, slight touch of white boy digi-funk and Chris Martin-ish peaks of falsetto making the tune a fetching slice of relationship soap opera drama one won’t mind hearing again and again.

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