Nicki Minaj “Stupid Hoe”

Between Azealia Banks and Nicki Minaj, we’ve been getting an overabundance of some of the weirdest female emcee business this season, the two seemingly in some sort of never-ending challenge to see who can be the kookiest.

“Stupid Hoe” is the latest preview from Nicki’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and it is just as lyrically/ musically insane as its predecessor “Roman In Moscow”, an overly animated cacophony of whistles, handclaps, air sirens and what sounds like Pac-Man sound effects providing a fitting playground-like foundation for the Big Bootied One’s usual multiple personality mic antics (numerous accent switch-ups, extended syllables, random turns of singing, etc.) and lady-slaying stings (“These bitches is my sons and I don’t want custody”).

It’s also good for only a single listen or two, the been-there/ heard-that tricks on display here just not carrying the same addictive WTF spark so close to “Moscow”‘s release and the far more adventurous (and exciting) material Banks has been throwing out recently.

Are we saying we’re ready for Nicki to switch gears up and give us some of that pop tart flavor previously mined on “Your Love” and “Check It Out”? Not necessarily, nor do we long for her to get all serious and personal on us “Right Thru Me”-style just yet, but with Azealia nipping at her heels in the Department of Bat-Shit Lunacy with catchier beats and more memorable oral sex-themed lines, let’s just say Minaj is going to have to start thinking up newer and fresher ways to flex her creativity beyond the same ol’ same ol’. (via)

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