Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight (Cosmo Black Remix)”

First off, don’t act like Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” isn’t one of the baddest cuts ever.

The ominous production. The chilly ire simmering behind Phil’s lyrical ache (“Well if you told me you were drowning/ I would not lend a hand…”). The spine-tingling, and deathlessly-mutated “urban legend” that spiraled from it. THOSE DRUMS (and the eternity of tension-filled build-up time it takes to get to that classic explosion of WHAMP-WHAMP WHAMP-WHAMP WHAMP-WHAMP WHAMP-WHAMP WHAMP! WHAMP!).

The track, from Collins’ 1981 international blockbuster Face Value, is just all shades of right, one of those all-time pop favorites that still manages to excite (and haunt) all these years, countless “oldies” radio re-spins, and butchered karaoke “takes” later.

All of this has been put into print to lead us to this: a pretty nice “Tonight” remix from Melbourne producer Cosmo Black that injects a little modern-day indie/ club pep behind Phil’s dark stewing.

You’re welcome.

Cosmo Black’s debut EP is slated to arrive later this year.

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