Teyana Taylor featuring Wale “Make Your Move”

Of all the artists who could have popped up with the new year’s first insanely addictive R&B jam, Teyana Taylor‘s name probably wouldn’t have made anyone’s list, yet the singer-rapper-dancer-actress-model (though, most famously, MTV Sweet Sixteen subject) makes a pretty strong bid on owning that title with new single “Make Your Move”, a track that brings with it the exciting promise of R&B possibly being just as interesting and full of welcome surprises in 2012 as it was all throughout its widely acclaimed 2011.

Kicking off with an energetic Wale shouting out an attention-grabbing babe (“You not an angel then tell whoever that heaven lied…”) atop a killer funk groove made of teasing rubbery bass licks, a click-clack percussion stomp and the glimmering sheen of escalating keybaords, “Move” offers a refreshing nod to the old-school house party feel-good of yester-decade R&B, highlighted by the sublime harmonies of the chorus evoking Off The Wall-era MJ and some choice ad-libs near song’s end giving us “Remember The Time” Mike.

Sure, Taylor’s Boy-Crazy 101 lyrics feel a little under-cooked, but it’s hard to nitpick on the song’s pen-game shortcomings too much when her strikingly deep vocal tone alongside everything else the tune is delivering leaves us ready to launch into our own one-person Soul Train line.

We see what you’re doing here Teyana and it has suddenly gotten us very interested in what else you’ve got prepared on this forthcoming The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor EP business.


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