B.o.B “So Good”

B.o.B may have scored a brief Top 10 Pop hit with Strange Cloudstitle cut first single, a Lil’ Wayne-assisted, dub-steppy exercise through harder hip hop terrains, but one didn’t have to be Einstein to expect Mr. Bobby Ray’s follow-up SC release to be more of the blatantly radio-friendly realm.

So here we have “So Good”, a Ryan Tedder-produced bid for Top 40 that on first listen already sounds like it’ll be something to have gotten a bajillion pop radio spins by the time its parent album drops.

Atop a bouncy summer-pop piano frame that doesn’t sound too dissimilar to OneRepublic’s platinum-plated usual, B.o.B decides that being alone is just not the status he wants to have (“I’m feeling single baby/ I could use a feature…”), opting to snatch up the first cutie he spots and whisk her off on some sort of global-wide escapade.

No the song isn’t deep, nor B.o.B’s most lyrically impressive, but once again, the rapper-singer proves capable of being able to effortlessly woo a casual rap fan listener in, the ear-grabbing powers of his nimble delivery and barriers-softening display of his ever-present charm easily making “So Good” land as another triumphant score in mainstream airwaves dominance.

What can one say? Dude is simply playing the “major label rapper game”, and as long as he makes sure to balance out the crossover moves with killer mic workouts for the “‘heads”, it’s hard to completely fault him for it.

Pick up the track on iTunes; Strange Clouds drops May 1st.

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